• Ann Bell

    Yoga Instructor

    Massage Therapist

    Owner of exhale yoga & massage, LLC


    studio "BE"

    I am a massage therapist and yoga instructor
    I am a mom, a wife, a friend
    I am a peace seeker
    I love to laugh (mostly at myself)
    I make mistakes. I grow and learn from them
    I believe things happen for a reason
    I love nature
    I thrive on helping people
    I value honesty
    I believe in God
    I am a personal development junkie
    I believe less is more
    I like simple
    I am low maintenance (except when it comes to food)
    I love campfires
    I believe in the power of natural health


    Massage: I received my education through Blue Sky Professional School of Massage in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 2001. I am both WI and nationally certified (NCTMB).

    Yoga: I received my Power Vinyasa Teacher Training Certification from Deborah Williamson of Midwest Power Yoga, LLC in 2010. SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga Certification in 2015 through Kristine Rumzis of Just Bee Adventures.




  • Abby Stahl-Woitula

    Yoga Instructor


    Yoga pants- Pretty much a staple in every wardrobe… However mine were not being used for yoga, or anything active for that matter. Comfort, Netflix, & Oreos yes; but the “active” ship had sailed. After being an athlete my entire life & sustaining a pretty serious injury before I was due to play in college; unhealthy choices, my first of many anxiety attacks, & a splash of depression were now what was consuming my life. Who was I if I couldn’t do what I loved? After many years of lost identity I had had enough. Once those favorite yoga pants no longer fit & I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore, it was time for a change. Healthy choices & power yoga quickly became my new love affair. After rapidly dropping 90lbs, falling back in love with movement, & discovering inner peace & mental clarity; I had the realization that THIS was what I needed to do with my life. I recklessly quit my day job & signed up for yoga teacher training. I took a big risk that has since paid off. Very recently I’ve also welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this bright world. Now I have even more to live for & this healthier lifestyle has never been more important. Don’t get me wrong… I still love Netflix, lounging, & Oreos… But it’s all about balance! If you’re looking for a non-traditional laid back style, creative sequencing filled with movement, horrible jokes, & great music; I’m your girl. Be ready to work- I’ll gladly kick your booty while loving you at the same time! Forever learning. Forever growing. Forever evolving. Live is ever changing- Never stay still! The light in me, will always honor the light in you- Namasté!


  • exhale yoga & massage, LLC

    200 E Central Ave

    Oconto Falls, Wisconsin



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