• Ann Bell

    Yoga Instructor

    Massage Therapist

    Owner of exhale yoga & massage, LLC


    studio "BE"

    I am a massage therapist and yoga instructor
    I am a mom, a wife, a friend
    I am a peace seeker
    I love to laugh (mostly at myself)
    I make mistakes. I grow and learn from them
    I believe things happen for a reason
    I love nature
    I thrive on helping people
    I value honesty
    I believe in God
    I am a personal development junkie
    I believe less is more
    I like simple
    I am low maintenance (except when it comes to food)
    I love campfires
    I believe in the power of natural health


    Massage: I received my education through Blue Sky Professional School of Massage in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 2001. I am both WI and nationally certified (NCTMB).

    Yoga: I received my Power Vinyasa Teacher Training Certification from Deborah Williamson of Midwest Power Yoga, LLC in 2010. SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga Certification in 2015 through Kristine Rumzis of Just Bee Adventures.




  • Abby Stahl-Woitula

    Yoga Instructor

    My name is Abby Stahl-Woitula. I'm so excited to start and share my yoga journey with all of you here at exhale yoga & massage, LLC. About a year ago, I was 85 pounds heavier than I am now and, not only physically, but mentally at rock bottom. I had been very active and an athlete my entire life. Then, before I knew it, LIFE happened. I suffered from severe anxiety, depression, and many other health issues. I started to gain a significant amount of weight and was mentally slipping into a very dark rut. One day, (April 28th to be exact), I woke up and said enough is enough! That's the day I changed by eating habits and took my first yoga class. It may sound cliche, but yoga has not only changed my body, it has most importantly transformed my mind, my well-being, and my lifestyle. It has taught me to be kind to myself, but even kinder to others; to love and honor my body, but to love and honor my mind more. It has filled me up with this enormous amount of positive energy that I feel the need to share with as many people as humanly possible!

    I am a completely different person now than ever before. I would love nothing more than for you to join me in this experience! Stop in and take a class, have a chat about life and find your zen. All levels welcome! I know that scary, insecure feeling of going to your first class...I was you once! I promise you will be welcomed with open arms and a loving heart! Hope to see you soon. The light in me honors the light in you - Namaste!



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